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>> all the citizens of cyprus know we are in an emergency situation. >> the president address his people as cyprus's cash dispenses run dry. he says the conditions of his country bailout were unavoidable because cyprus expecting bankruptcy. , the great up alleged cover-up. the guilty verdict that shocked the u.s..
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4 million liters of waste and counting. the first sunday on the job. the berlin wall. find out what has protesters angry in january. the decision was difficult, but necessary. the last few minutes, cyprus's president has addressed his country to say why he agreed to controversy all conditions attached to the eu bailout trad. facing his country was bankruptcy and he yet to go to for a long term -- he had to go for a long-term solution. >> whatever the contribution, it will be made one time so the survival of the people will be
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guaranteed and future generations will be exempt from our mistakes. first, this report. >> attending to drain their savings before the government takes the cut. these anxious investors were a day late. i saw people with drawing money on saturday and said, let's do it later. and then there was no money. thatgion by the thousands queued at atm machines across the country in the wake of news, the public could be funding the country's financial bailout. >> this is unfair. i have a bank loan from a government organization to support my daughter studies. i deposited the money at the bank, now i will lose the amount i have to pay back with interest.
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>> under the deal, anybody with a bank deposit in cyprus will be taxed. was lesss everybody than a certain amount of money in the bank will pay a one-time tax. anyone who has more than that in savings will pay 9.9%. someone with $150,000 in the bank will be forced to give the government nearly $15,000. cyprus is the third eurozone country to receive a financial lifeline, but the first to dip into people's savings to pay for it. >> it is a lose lose situation. there will be a huge deposit withdrawal, with or without a levy. >> the deal still requires the approval of parliament and it is not just cyprus it should be
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worried. 40% ofers account for bank deposit, and most of them are from nonresident russians. those alone amount to more than $32 billion. >> russian public opinion has a contradictory approach. on one hand, they're very happy because they believe that a businessman who puts his money to cyprus banks and not honest not honest -- businessman. >> cyprus may well default in may, and crash out of the euro. >> the president was quite drastic in his speech, saying it was the blackmail of the if he did not do this, he would have had to exit the euro. do you think that is a fair description? >> almost certainly.
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this is the european central bank's behavior. they act as a disciplining instrument as much as anything else. cyprus, without additional support, would be in a very bad state. they are not in a position to recap to lick their banks as a euro member. they therefore have to -- --in the mine time, meantime, we have to have the parliament approve it. >> there is a risk there. in possibility that the rest europe see that their savings may be at risk because of what happened. we have seen protection for depositors. it is important, otherwise
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everyone rushes to take their money out of the banks and the banks collapse. people start to believe that that protection is not there for their own savings, it's possible they will try and get their savings out of european banks. >> could we have a situation where the parliament does not ?ass this >> they can probably negotiate on the balance of who pays for what. they can say, we're going to call your bluff this time around and threaten the euro. the ecb may well believe it can kind of park cyprus, the situation is too small to have impact elsewhere. the people who will get hurt the most will be the load of non-eu depositors from russia. whoever blinks first will decide this one. >> thank you very much.
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have beenine people killed in a bomb attack at a bus station. it took place in a predominantly shiite area -- shi'a area. at least two people were injured in another attack. a general in the syrian army has defected to the opposition. online video shows him making his escape to jordan, with help from the other side. rebels in syria claim they have captured weapons. fighters say they capture the arms stores after three days of fighting, but most of the ammunition has already been used. inideo showing more shelling the capital damascus.
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at least 119 locations have been identified where cluster ammunition has been used. it is a case that has shocked much of the u.s.. high school stars have been found guilty of raping a teenage girl at a party in a small town in ohio. they have been sentenced to at least 12 months in a juvenile prison. convicted of rape, 16-year- old breaks down as he apologizes to his teenage victim and the communities. >> both of the defendants are adjudicated delinquent the other reasonable doubt. >> the judge had sentenced richardson to a minimum of a year in juvenile detention moments before. his 17-year-old codefendant will serve a minimum of two peer yea. those int forivided
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and against the verdict. the story made headlines across the u.s. and around the world after video, pictures and tweets .rom the night when verna went l this picture of the victim, said to be barely conscious after too much to drink. the victim's mother said that the rapists displayed a lack of compassion or any moral code. >> your decision that night affected countless lives. you were your own accuser through the social media that you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, grow, and move on. >> some people have criticized state officials for not casting a wider net in their investigation. after sentencing, ohio's attorney general called for a grand jury to be convened in april to investigate whether anyone else should be charged. >> this investigation cannot be
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completed. we cannot bring finality to this matter without the convening of a grand jury. >> amongst the evidence, the grand jury will have to weigh almost 400,000 text messages, 300,000 pictures, and 900 videos. the grand jury will begin its work sometime in april. john terret, al jazeera, washington. >> a somali journalist imprisoned for interviewing a woman who said she was raped by security forces. the woman interviewed was released from prison after also serving part of a jail term. somali attorney general freed him after discovering that investigators had misled. >> this whole case has been fraught with inconsistencies and contradictions. first there is contradictory evidence presented. there were contradictory charges, in both of those two
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courts, even contradictory sentencing. it got to the point where the attorney general himself stood up in supreme court acknowledged that the investigators in the original case had misled the authorities. there is also been intense international pressure to see this case thrown out. international human rights groups, even foreign governments happen putting pressure on the somali authorities to overturn his conviction. thenything, it has been court system itself that has come out of this looking compromised. >> palestinian prisoner has agreed to end his hunger strike in exchange for his release from israeli prison. under plea garden, he will be confined to gaza for 10 years. he has been refusing food since july to protest his detention. he was released from prison in 2011 as part of an exchange for an israeli soldier. 2012,rs rearrested him in
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saying he breached his terms by contacting hamas. under israeli military law, they can be sent back to jail based on secret evidence. palestinian lawyers are now fighting the law. this father and son work quietly, think about who is missing. other son has been arrested again by the israeli army. the family said it was useless to try to start a new life. wouldn't ask him anything. they would just have him sitting, waiting. every day they would do this. >> there were 40 palestinians released. two of them have been arrested again. they may end up having to serve the remainder of their old sentence. more than 1000 palestinian
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prisoners were exchanged for the israeli soldier. but many have been arrested again based on secret evidence. >> but is dangerous is that they don't provide any concrete evidence that those people break the law. but rather, rely on secret evidence. >> the prisoner deal was negotiated between hamas and israel and guaranteed by egypt. hamas is asking a judge to intervene. -- egypt to intervene. >> there are conditions for that release, and if they break those conditions, they can be re-rested. that was made -- re-arrested. that was made clear to them on the day they were released. >> he would milk the cows with me, and we would feed them together. we would ride horses, laugh, and joel together. .- joke together
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>> it may be five years until he is freed. in the occupied west bank. >> still ahead, more on that cyprus president's conditions. >> the state of one of the largest repositories for nuclear waste in the country. a report on concerns that some of that waste is leaking into the environment. texas is still causing misery in the philippines. -- typhus is still causing misery in the philippines. >> welcome back to your international weather forecast. we have had flooding in places like colombia, ecuador, peru.
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look at the clouds indicating where the heaviest rain is. the forecast map looks like this. we will see the rain continue at least as we go towards monday. very heavy rain out here towards the amazon and parts of rio de janeiro. we can expect to see some showers as well. a temperature there as shown. things will be quite nice for many locations. not too much clouds to talk about. mexico, some clouds, but not affecting any of these locations. a beautiful day in nasa. -- nassau. a least another day 25 degrees. we are looking at a new storm system, bringing a lot of rain and snow to almost all central and eastern parts of the united states. snow all the way up towards winnipeg. down here, towards the south, is
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going to be atlanta. very heavy rain. miami, raining at 26.
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>> top stories. the president of cyprus said he agreed to controversy ial bailot conditions. two high school students in the u.s. have been found guilty of raping a drug teenage girl at a party in ohio. they have been sentenced to at least 12 months in juvenile prison. imprisonednalist for interviewing a woman who says she was raped by security forces has been released. we are returning to our top story in cyprus, the eu bailout.
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the president addressed the nation a short while ago, a stark message, saying he had a choice between bankruptcy and a potential exit from the euro. >> that's right. the president put all his cards on the table. to mp's otheral parties to make the right decision. when the party meets, when the parliament meets tomorrow afternoon, he appealed to the members of parliament -- he only has 20 of the 56 seats in parliament. he needs to do a bit of orchestrating. this was an appeal, pointing out what the future of cyprus would look like if this bailout deal was rejected. on monday, he said, we've got to decide what causes less pain. we talked about pain. he talked about bankruptcy, the
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destruction of the whole banking industry, huge loss of jobs, and a devaluation of both the currency and the wealth of the nation. this is pretty stark stuff. cyprus is at a moment or could go really either way. talk to people in the streets. -- where it could go really either way. talked to people in the streets. they would like to see cyprus get out. we have to see what happens at the meeting. it will start at 11:00 and go to a vote in the late afternoon. it is a turning point for the nation. >> peter sharp, thanks very much. radioactive material is leaking at the most contaminated nuclear site in united states. nearly 4 million liters of from the site where the u.s. was building the atomic bomb in the 1940's.
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this is the edge of the hanford nuclear reservation in eastern washington state. 1500 square kilometers site with a dubious distinction of being the most contaminated place in america. recently, the government disclosed six large underground tanks are leaking up to 2000 liters of liquid per year. the news alarmed environmentalists, who fear that radioactive material could pass through groundwater into the nearby columbia river. >> the tank leaks are shocking, the size and number of the thes, and the fact that department of energy did not know about this or they were looking at the monitoring close enough, or they didn't disclose it to the public soon enough. >> officials say the leaks pose no immediate danger to the environment or people in the area. environmentalists want to see better oversight of the hanford cleanup effort, which has been underway for two decades at a cost of $2 billion a year.
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throughout the cold war, hanford's nine nuclear reactors churned out plutonium for the u.s. nuclear weapons program, producing more than 60,000 warheads. the volume of waste left over is staggering. more than 200 million liters of radioactive liquid and 700,000 cubic meters of solid nuclear waste. over the years, nearly 4 million liters of liquid have leaked, enough to fill 20,000 bathtubs. >> the u.s. department of energy turned down al jazeera's request to film on the site and they also said no when we asked to interview responsible officials. the department said they are committed to safely cleaning up the site and is monitoring the situation closely. state officials say that is not good enough. >> the state is concerned that radioactive material is being released to the environment. we expect the department of energy to do something about that. >> richmond, closest to hanford,
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is closely tied to the site. the high school basketball team is called the bombers. the town is economically dependent on the cleanup effort. >people here have learned to lie with nuclear waste next-door. >> fearful of it? no. >> gary peters and is with the local economic element council. he thinks hanford will become a tourist attraction. >> we have been working to make this part of the national park. >> they will have plenty of time to plan. plutonium produced at hanford remained lethally radioactive for more than 80 million years. rob reynolds, al jazeera, hanford, washington. >> catholics were given a rare treat on sunday when the pope joined them on the street. both francis appeared -- pope francis appeared outside the vatican. >> it's been three weeks since
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it was delivered about the square. -- above the square. there has been a significant shift in sentiment towards latin america. the colors of peru, ecuador, and brazil were prominent. it was the blue-and-white colors of argentina, the home country of pope francis, which dominated the spectrum. >> i am proud, not just because he is argentinian, but because he represents latin america. it shows that we are not just happy people dancing the tango, but we also have intelligence. >> much has been made of the new pope's personal charisma and his address was delivered with a light touch and to humorous anecdotes. his central theme was the importance of forgiveness. >> our father is full of mercy and has lots of patience. god does not get tired of forgiving us. we should not get tired of asking him to forgive us. >> just four days into his new
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role, it is clear that pope francis has the personality and warmth to win over a large crowd. not surprising, given the large number of latin americans here. to get to grips will also require authority and determination. >> i hope he can clean up the italian church. to do that, he needs to stay healthy. he needs to remain strong and be in good health for whatever happens. >> on tuesday, world leaders will gather in rome to attend the formal installation mass. what will pope francis take sayo them, and how does he intend to tackle the thorny subject of putting the vatican's own house in order? these issues are yet to be addressed. paul brennan, al jazeera, vatican city. >> a second emergency declared after heavy rains triggered severe flooding in western colombia.
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rivers have burst their banks. 4000 homes have been affected. mudslides left ridges and roads accessible. -- in accessible. it has been one year since the toulouse shooting in which three jewish schoolchildren were killed. hundreds marched in the city in memory of the victims. present francois hollande said france is improving its intelligence to prevent such attacks in the future. that was one of europe's biggest symbols of division. the berlin wall is bringing people together again. after dividing east and west of the city for 28 years, while officially came down in november 1989. -- the while officially came down in november 1989.
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developers now want to remove the gallery to make way for new apartments and a footbridge. >> there remains of the berlin wall and its infamous death .trip a developers dream. ita city deep in debt, proves tempting. the government approved the construction of a multistory building right behind the murals, meaning some of them would have to be torn down. public opposition is gathering steam. >> of course i am against taking this thing down. it has turned into a work of and it is the remains of a particular. of german history that should
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not be taken down -- period of german history that should not be taken down. >> i don't want to forget this. >> the save the berlin wall movement got a speckling of stardust on monday. in the form of the one-time star of the tv stil show, baywatch. >> this is sacred. it is the last memorial to the people who died and to the perseverance of freedom. the last place where people can come and talk and communicate about what happened. >> having a former baywatch star involved may not change things overnight, but it is likely to involve many more berliners in what could be called wall watch. >> millions of people in the philippines are still dealing with the fallout of a typhoon that devastated the country three months ago.
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is left of her of les banana plantation. with two packing houses shut down and all of the 74 employees laid off, he said he feels helpless. >> not even in our slightest imagination -- we never thought this devastation could happen to us. everything was gone in an instant. >> it was the strongest typhoon to ever hit the southern philippines and killed over 1000 people. many who survived are struggling to get their lives back together. more than 300,000 people in the region depend on the banana industry for their livelihood. the philippines is the world's producer of-largest
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bananas. with a quarter of its crop damaged last year, it is estimated to hundred million dollars of harvest -- $200 million of harvest have been lost. the industry was already in trouble. disease,eak of banana and the chinese ban on philippine banana imports. >> definitely they are in distress. >> authorities hope plantations will be up and running again in about a year. but many here fear the fruits of their labor may take much

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